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We get what you are up against, maintaining peak performance day in and day out. What you do takes guts. You want to work with a team who knows how to make decisions, even when the pressure is on.

We specialize in wealth management for sports & entertainment professionals.

Our experience working with clients who have similar stories to yours has taught how to plan ahead for the unique situations you face. We’ll partner with you to create a strategy for managing your wealth and assets long after your career. Our goal is to take the pressure off the financial planning for you so that you can keep your head in the game.


Wealth management for those in the professional sports industry needs to tactfully accommodate for the often compressed careers experienced by professional athletes and coaches, as well as the unique challenges faced by team owners.

Film, Television & Theater

Actors, directors, writers and producers within film, television and theater, seek our guidance for managing their wealth during and beyond their time in the spotlight.


Musicians, executives, managers, songwriters, and producers from all genres can depend on us for financial planning that takes into account the ebbs and flows of the music industry.

Understanding your arena

No matter your area of expertise, our advisors are ready to partner with you. We’ll take a look at your entire financial plan, incorporating what you have that’s working and helping you to adjust and find resources for the areas where you’d like to improve. Whether you have professionals already lined up, or you are in need of resources, we are here to support your goals in any way we can. Think of us as your financial trainers.

Client-driven, experience-empowered.

At Maverick Partners Wealth Management, we consider ourselves true partners throughout your financial journey. No matter your career or the complexities involved, we’ll help you understand your planning options so you can focus on what is most important to you.

Working together, we will translate your goals into investment objectives and strategies that are personalized for you.