After a combined six decades serving our clients on “old wall street”, we knew that something better awaited our clients and ourselves.

A healthier way to advise, serve, and live.

The Maverick story

Brothers from another mother

One day we realized that we were never going to feel completely ready … yet we were always ready. On November 12, 2020, Maverick Partners was born. 
We have built a high-end investment boutique. We work hard every damn day … with smiles on our faces and joy in our hearts. Our clients’ satisfaction is our stock price. It’s how we measure our growth.
We are a truly independent wealth management firm.  Maverick Partners answers only to the best interest of our clients. We offer advice tailored for you, lower fees, and no self dealing.

At Maverick, our clients know us as well as we know them

Financial advisors should not be interchangeable faces on a brochure hidden behind the corporate brand. After all, if someone is managing your  money, shouldn’t you know who they are as people?
Please look around our website, connect with us on LinkedIn, and call us anytime. We love to share who we are and what we will do to help you address and work toward your financial goals.