Welcome to our vision for the present and future of wealth management and the financial services industry

Wall Street 2.0

Too often, the large wirehouses place their own interest ahead of the clients. Hefty regulatory fines for self-dealing feel like just a cost of doing business. Behaviors and sales tactics used by the Old Wall Street firms don’t seem to change no matter the penalty. Products and loans are pushed because the wirehouses make money from them, not always because the clients need them.

Conflicts of interest abound.

At Maverick, independence is the cornerstone of who we are

We do not sell products or services

When our clients are in need of additional tools or services to make their dreams a reality, Maverick has a team of professionals to support them. We do not charge or fee share when recommending and partnering with our teammates. We are driven by the success of our clients. When our clients win, we win.
We only work with people who we know, trust, and consider friends. When our clients request it, we collaborate with these professionals at no added cost. 
This is Wall Street 2.0 We hope that the industry moves into a new paradigm of independence because the clients should always come first.